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Agenda 2020

HAPPII agenda of 2020 is the strategic roadmap to reshaping the future of Pakistan by developing multiple industries that working within the framework of Research & Development, Information Technology, Shared Economy and Digitalization of industries that will prove to be the support system for the economy. Happii, as an organization, strongly believes in the concept of shared-economy. With that notion in mind, not only the company will benefit from its ideas and businesses but it will be of great help to the general public and government in terms of -increased number of jobs and positive changes in the socioeconomic culture.

State Issues are the top concern of HAPPII and to convert them into valuable and impactful strengths is our priority. Presently, Pakistan is suffering from such a critical phase where we are competing with both national & international challenges; advertisement industry collapse, water shortage, poor economic and development indicators with negative demographic trends are biggest obstacles.

In this condition, HAPPII research and dig out the socioeconomic challenges, develop the well-structured & result oriented solutions in order to bring prosperity in Pakistan. After assessing, HAPPII base a brick for the upcoming decades and proposed series of projects towards the path of development, economic stability & social empowerment. HAPPII with the Agenda 2020: A vision to boost per capital Income through the digitalized economy to empower Pakistan is working over three essential and core areas which also help the country for the next decade.

The recommended series is:
1: Save the Collapses of Industries
2: Trade and Innovation
3: Digitalize the Economy

  • Save the Collapses of Industries:

Authorities have announced their verdict against the OOH Advertisement Industry because of the disobedience of SOPs, we are aware of the fact that the market is almost collapsed. But this couldn’t be the end of this huge (multi-billion) Industry where thousands of people are attached to feed their families.

Happii brings a better and unique solution to save the industry by using technology and following the state rules. Under the banner of Happii, OOH market will move towards the concept of a shared-economy to improve the income of thousands of common people. We let them be the brand ambassadors for different companies who wish to advertise. This way, brands will be able to reach more audience and the brand ambassadors will be able to earn without changing their routines. Hectic free, trackable, measurable and auditable service which benefits equally to all (Government, Advertisers, Vendors, and Ambassadors) and eventually generate revenue for the country.

The state is focusing on the water shortage and how our concern can be different from the state. Authorities highlighted that In Pakistan, Car washes are one of the major reasons for the water being wasted. To support the state in this concern Happii introduces a better alternative to avoid wastage of water. The procedure is simple, vibrant cost-effective, and clean the car without using a drop of water.

  • Trade and Innovation:

Trade is the top concern of Pakistan since Pakistan came into being, up’s and down’s are consistent but the current situation is worst, our major industries have been collapsed and exports are frequently down.

HAPPII is working to boost the trade and understands the needs of modern time which needs technology-based solutions to avoid any sort of inconvenience in means of an audit, shipment, reliability, custom, etc. Time needs, connectivity of the suppliers and buyers on a single platform where they will be able to trade easily. Happii makes it easy and establishes the platform that will provide the suppliers with the potential buyers without going out on the search for it. It will not only connect them with the local buyers but the international ones as well. This will be a big opportunity for the traders as they cannot reach out such large audience otherwise. Industries like leather and textile will flourish. Not only will the trade improve, but through this platform, we are promoting women and youth empowerment. Empowering the youth is important as they make up to 64% of the total population of Pakistan. Women in the backward areas with amazing talent will be able to sell out their handmade stuff to a larger audience than before. More jobs will be created which will be of benefit to unemployed youth. Supporting their families will become easy for them. Services like supply-chain, ship-chain, and market-chain transparency will allow the exporters and importers to enjoy the actual perks of their businesses.

  • Digital Economy:

People around the globe are introducing the latest technologies in their businesses and almost all the major sectors/industries like healthcare, transportation, food, and consumer finance moved toward a digital economy. This escalating opportunity provides enormous employment, revenue sharing, and opportune industries to generate billions and trillions of dollars. Back to thirty-five years, organizations started to find a new avenue in the field of Information Technology and showcase their businesses over the web but the advanced economy does not stop there, it changes now towards the multiple features of business collaborations, transactions, exchanges, empowering development, purchase control, commoditization & audit as well. Though Pakistan is far behind when it comes to data economy, HAPPII has no doubt in the huge potential of Pakistani market that it is the quickest developing market inclusively with more than 150 million active cell phones users.

Happii wants to make an impact and improve the economy with the help of its unique ideas and solutions. Moreover, our organization wants to make people independent and self-sufficient.

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