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Agenda 2025

A vision to establish impactful networking that bring change, growth and revolutionary results for our motherland Pakistan.

Consistent hard work and dedication that we put into every aspect of our work, we’ll be working on agenda from the very first day of 2021, having the same goal of being helpful for the economy and people of Pakistan and to strong collaboration worldwide in general.

By means of our ongoing projects for the betterment of the society and more obviously for the ones who aren’t being catered as much as they should for the fact that they are equally valuable members of the society, we want to continue to achieve our goals. With that said, not only Pakistan’s but we aim to be the Asia’s biggest think tank that works towards the betterment of a developing country.

For a country to prosper, its investments and profits have to stay within. Unlike many other startups which after going international take their investments along or the ones that are international but sees Pakistan as a great potential market for their own benefit only, Happii wants to keep the profit generated here to be of benefit to Pakistan’s economy. It will create more jobs as the business will grow as a result of boost to commerce sector.

Overseas Pakistanis or the ones living here see other countries as a potential place for investment for their business because of various aspects but with the improvement to the commerce sector and to the businesses in Pakistan, they’ll bring back the investments to their own country. People who depend on businesses to flourish and who salaries and wages depend on the success of a business will be able to fulfill their needs and wants, stress free. Pakistanis who have to go abroad to earn a good living for their families by doing odd jobs just because they don’t have any other option will not have to consider this option any longer. They’ll have opportunities to avail in their own country.

Our focus during this time period will be on networking and overseas collaborations to establish the strong positive impact of Pakistan throughout the world by offering multiple opportunities in the benefit of all. We are strive to expand our line of work in 50+ countries, 500+ cities and bringing revenue into Pakistan to see our motherland as a developed country in the world. In means of developed Pakistan we aim to support freedom & growth so industries can move towards digitalization and motivate foreigners to come in Pakistan and avail entrepreneurship opportunities.

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