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Agenda 2030

A hub of Asia’s biggest innovative economic system.

HAPPII AGENDA of 2030 is a plan of action to strengthen the PAKISTAN/WORLD in the framework of Data ECONOMY. Our goals and targets are set to take things to a whole new level and a transformational vision.

Throughout the world states are facing immense challenges even to sustain the economy. Keeping in mind the current situation HAPPII has developed the bridge of digital transformation which will reshape the industries towards the advance level and bring endless results for the whole world. Digitalization isn’t just about shifting everything from a manual system to digital one; it is about transforming how things work and how useful it is to businesses in means of foster economic growth and delivering authentic and accurate results to all.

Digitalization of economy is not interpreted easily nor an easy task, it needs a high level of technicalities in means of security, governance, ethics and big data. It must be built on networks and services to better serve the consumer in means of privacy and personal data protection.

To develop a successful data strategy organizations must clear or identify their goals first, here are, some of ours Goals:
Defeat poverty at our maximum

  • Cover unemployment gap
  • Sustain per capita growth
  • Promote Digital transformation of industries and foster innovation
  • Remove social, cultural and economic barriers throughout the world
  • Reduce inequalities within and outside the country.
  • Promote Trade, domestic financial institutes, towards the digitalization.

To fulfill the goals Happii is strived to become an organization where data can be effectively use and integrate to make business communications within and outside the organization easy and meaningful. Moreover, Happii understands the importance of data security, and therefore building multiple frameworks and patterns such as encryption, authentication and limited access to make data secure and confidential by following data security standards.

The importance of data governance and data ethics is one of the key function of data/digitalized economy on which company repo is based. Ethical handling of data do not breach customer’s rights & protect personal information of client- it saves customers from fraudulent transections, control data from misuse & copying.

Happii is also focused to introduce the concept of data sciences into Pakistan which can compile the big data and can be used to analyze the market trend and customer feedback by effective use of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

And alternatively, our motive to make Pakistan and its people more secure and prosper will be accomplished. Potential businesses don’t invest or take the chance in the Pakistan’s market but making all of it safe, sound and effective for them, will surely allow people to take the risk. Making it safe for the people and businesses to rely on easily is our target.

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