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“Time demands change”; the current period has rapidly adopted the changes and left behind the ones who are late adopters. When it starts a new change, you have “one” of the “two” choices, either you become a part of that change and monetize, or you left behind and become obsolete.

And by understanding the importance of this Era, we must follow the trends and adopt the new innovations. We can no longer operate old ways of thinking. I advise you to be as open-minded as possible because it’s not too long ago that phone you have in your hand didn’t exist; Not too long ago the internet didn’t exist; Not too long ago Instagram, Facebook, snap chat, LinkedIn, and Twitter didn’t exist; Not too long ago the idea of Facebook was being masterminded in a college dorm room.

These ideas brought to life have changed the way we operate day to day.
The technology age has changed the world forever. It is no longer the Industrial Age. New change becomes a multibillion-dollar company and those who chose not to become part of it do not exist now. So adopt the technology to explore the unseen world…
Your time should be valuable to you, if you want to be a successful person, take advantages of opportunities, not people.
I must say you learn more in failure than you ever do in success. Let’s make our home an example.
You always have a choice, and HAPPII is the best choice you have.

If you care for the PAKISTAN, do more, speak up, speak out, take action, and make a change. As beautiful the sentiment as it is., we as human beings are capable of far more than simple thoughts and faith.
Remember, your body has limitations. The mind does not. We need to lead people to learn from Pakistan.
“Let’s be honest, people like us don’t know when to give up and quit while we’re ahead.
While the world might mock us for it at times, I would like to ask you where the world would be without the people who never quit.
Who beat against the roaring wave, despite all odds never being in their favor?
The way I see it, someone’s going to change the PAKISTAN, so why can’t it be me? Or you? Or us?”
The struggle you are in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow. If you want something, you have to earn it.
HAPPII itself provide opportunities for change, earn and produce income. HAPPII “how a person produces independent income”.
Success is decision away, and we have to take some serious decisions.

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