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Business Development Officer

1-2 years experience

Last date to apply: 9 Feb 2018

Job Description

• Develop new business, through actively identifying prospective businesses and understanding the business model and needs for specific monetization services.
• Develop working relationships that turn into revenue, both for the client and organization.
• Actively and successfully managing the sales process: from lead generation to signing agreements, negotiations, closing deals and assisting the account management team.
• Present organization to potential clients through direct communication, face-to-face meetings, networking events, calling and emails.
• Representing the organization at industry events and tradeshows with the intention of gaining new business leads and contacts.
• Create and be accountable for all client proposals, contracts and any further documentation with the assistance of Senior Business Development Associates.
• Effectively interact with other departments including, but not limited to; technical integration and account management teams when necessary.
• Keeping updated on market trends and issues affecting the industry as well as collecting competitor intelligence.
• Organization’s visibility in current and expanding markets.
• Take initiative and strive to make a noticeable contribution to the company.

Min. Qualifications:



– Must be excellent in English

– 1-2 years experience

To apply, please provide us Employment Application form, resume and scanned copy of your latest degree in pdf or docx format only.


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