HAPPII “How A Person Produces Independent Income” is an open platform for those who are keen observers and know the art of gathering information & resources to continuously invent the endless solutions and win the title of Entrepreneurs.

HAPPII believes that to find opportunities is great but to create the opportunities is remarkable, we at HAPPII encourage the creative, self-motivated and passionate individuals to develop opportunities for others by implementing their inspired ideas in our esteem organization.
To become a successful entrepreneur and lead towards the development path, one should have the four abilities in him that are;
Inspiration which is always needed to motivate one’s self for the research of solution.
Ideation leads to judge the solution in every aspect to develop ideal form.
Implementation that needs lot of attention, patience and authority to execute.
Outcomes leads to the deliverable results or to achieve successful results.

Whom we offer:

Looking for Venture Opportunities

Platform to grow their ideas

Never afraid from negative feedback

Motivated to find new solutions

To take advantage from our created opportunities please download the Entrepreneur form and upload completed form at info@happiipvtltd.com

Please download the application form, fill all the required fields and send us by uploading scanned copy of application form in pdf or docx format only.
Read carefully: In case of unmatched details, readability issue and any ambiguity found then application may be rejected and not evaluated for the selection.

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