Happii Ride, We Are Just a Tap Away

//Happii Ride, We Are Just a Tap Away

Happii Ride, We Are Just a Tap Away


Happii Ride is a label of Happii pvt limited, a ride booking service provided for the ease of the customers. The best part is, we have designed an easy application which can be downloaded and registered to start working with happii ride services. All the user has to do is register; let our app detect his/her location and book a nearby cab using the map provided. We have now made it easier for booking a taxi while providing employment and a source of income generation for the drivers.

Our happii cab services will not only be functioning in Pakistan but will also be working in up to 8 countries under the trademark of Happii pvt limited. The amount of income generated by running these services worldwide will not only benefit our organization but will also play a vital role in generating good revenue to uplift the economy of Pakistan. An estimated 500 drivers working under happii ride will be sufficient to reach the targets of Happii pvt limited and moreover provide the best of services to its customers.

Where other similar services offer just riding opportunities, we have incorporated various services in one go. Suppose you are a brand owner looking forward to advertise your brand, you can do that with happii pvt limited, by either signing up for our Happii ads or paying to advertise in or on Happii ride vehicles. This system not only helps the driver earn per impressions on the advert but also keeps the rider updated with the market. The Advertiser on the other hand gets updates on the success of his campaign by the impression on the adverts.

We with a team of efficient workers and entrepreneurs are proud to be the first ever private company to starts such economical ventures from Pakistan. With Happii Ride, travelling around seems effortless and easy,our team is available 24/7 incase of any queries and our Happii ride application is all you need to get going with Happii rides.

Happii ride is all about comfort, advancement, budget and a way to generate independent income. We are always looking forward to elevate the economy of Pakistan by bringing in innovative ventures and campaigns. Our projects are initiated all over the world with the powerhouse in Pakistan, this is because our main focus is to introduce latest technology and provide various services to our people.

We not only care about the needs of our riders but also provide an earning source to our drivers, with happii rides, you don’t have to wait hours to find a taxi, just a tap on our app will do the job for you.


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