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Senior Researcher

2-3 years experience

Last date to apply: 23 Dec 2018



  • Communication: Research assistants need to be able to speak and write about their findings clearly, as well as understand assignments and instructions.
  • Attention to Detail: Finding the right information takes concentration.
  • Critical Thinking: Research assistants need to use decisive reasoning to determine the best course of action in their research.
  • Technical Skills: Research assistants will use computers to research their information, as well as record their findings.

Min. Qualifications:



– Must be excellent in English
– 1 to 2 years of experience

To apply, please provide us Employment Application form, resume and scanned copy of your latest degree in pdf or docx format only.


How many articles you have written?

How much experience you have in this field?

In which category of research you have more interest?
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