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Social Development

We at Happii private limited provides different opportunities to develop and grow the society by interacting with common people in order to understand their actual norms and values and then further we implement strategies to boost their knowledge and individuality and the power to interact with other people in order to clear their day to day matters with positivity and enthusiasm.

Social Development plays a main role to uplift the economy and to move the country towards development, throughout the history, till dated we haven’t seen any country any state highly developed and strong economy but no social development. Means when country empowers its poor people or educate them with values, principals and religious fundamentals then no force can stop them to compete in the world in any aspect.

Take a short look of our social issues:

Education, unemployment, severe poverty, health care centres, drug Abuse in teenagers, rising divorce rate, increase in murder rates, terrorism/sovereignty violation, religious Intolerance, traffic chaos, high rate of infant mortality media ethic, fake peers, bhata mafia, gender discrimination, problems of the youth, increasing population, domestic violence, child labour, child abuse, generation gap, fast urbanization, conservative thinking, age-long caste system, alcoholism, superstition, sanitation and cleanliness, beggary, juvenile delinquency, bribery, delay in justice, ethnic hatred, sectarian hatred extremism, are some major social issues of Pakistan.

Happii after two year period of research come to the point that, basic barrier of social development in Pakistan is education because this is the medium which improves self-development and give the right way to think for others too, Though as per statistics we have 58% literacy rate but as per our research our people belongs to any class are far away from education? Confused?

Let us explain, An upper class individual though have a highly qualified degree or say oxfords degree but don’t have enough understanding of religion which is important to enlighten the inner and if we move towards the mediocre they just study for the job and poor’s have no access towards education nor religious nor world’s. What Happii can do?

We are strive to provide the quality education and can provide deep research on all the flaws and also solutions to remove the hurdle of poor child education. We know, majority of our population falls under the poverty line and to fulfil the Iqbal’s dream we have to lift them first.

We have built the educational plans for our poor children which can only be possible by the efforts of Government but at Happii’s level we can’t take step back but always ready to play our part by going out of the box. We initiated to start some mega projects through which we can become enable to provide quality education to the individuals who are attached with us and cannot afford studies for their children. So people can get education and know about their rights, rules, social norms and religious concerns most importantly.

We don’t claim that we are the one who can only bring the change in Pakistan but we aim for it purely and positively. We know our responsibility and the fact that in countries like our’s facing challenges of political, social and economic stability Think Tanks can play a role like life line because they are not only spreading truth based research, remarkable ideas and solutions but take initiatives, start businesses, ventures, spread the new concepts like of shared economy and help to increase the velocity of economy which ultimately help out to decrease the social, political and economic issues and turn them out in Prosperity slowly or gradually.

We need coordination with private sector& NGOs for funding and develop the ideas towards more advance0d stages.

We need civil society to stand with us to promote us or to empower us for the development of Pakistan.

We have planned out the things in a manner that can boost every sector (small, medium large organizations, business entities, public, civil, NGOs), every single individual whoever become a part of HAPPII in different ways. Our developed ideas and projects are not dependable of Govt. or private sectors but the thing is only we want to grow Pakistan and for this purpose we need just their support to clean the paths with us. Our agenda is not to grow the HAPPII first, our agenda is Pakistan first.

For our Employees:

We as a think tank have a capacity to not only meet our research criteria but we are open to our Human Resource to explore the world by their own way and communicate with people, establish networks and become an entrepreneur.

Happii is open platform who invest on its employees so they can invest (their knowledge) into the Pakistan.

Social Development

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