The new face of OOH advertisement before the collapse

//The new face of OOH advertisement before the collapse

The new face of OOH advertisement before the collapse

Shocking?? Yes, it is but how we can forget that every problem raises by taking its own solution. Let me explain here,

The major snag of the OOH industry in Pakistan was not to meet with the policies and rules. Authorities were careless in order to install the billboards; size, dimensions, visual communication, road side distance, even many more glitches were found. And in the result, the beauty of country ruins. So its obvious that one should be answerable one day for his performance. And CJP stance over the billboards and hoardings industry is very right.

Now, whats happening, the propaganda against the right stance starts. Instead of accepting their mistakes and developing innovative ideas they start criticizing the Decision, which is obviously not good.

We as a Think Tank always focused to introduce revolutionary changes in the particular industry. Our Teams mission is to think over the top to meet the global challenges and that’s why we were already ready to give the new turn to OOH Industry.

We believe on the individual’s growth that is directly proportional to economic growth. Our designed SOP’s and Company Culture meets the rules and regulations strictly because we have zero tolerance policy in means of negligence. We came in the market with the only purpose i.e. to strengthen the economy by creating the support of strong pillars. We are strongly obeying the policies, public property rules, and regulations in order to fulfill the CJP stance and to create the long term impact of our business. Now I don’t want to keep you in waiting any more and going to finish your curiosity, so what we are going to launch, HappiiADS, Yes, might be you have been already heared about our services. HappiiAds is going to provide you revolutionary services that has been launched first time in Pakistan. HappiiAds has the ability to bring more audience for the advertiser by providing them tracking system which allows them to calculate the impressions of their campaign. On other hand HappiiAds creates more opportunities of extra income by engaging cabbies in the advertisement campaign. HappiiAds is providing all the services with low costs infact you can get estimate from the given example i.e: cost of per billboard at peak area is almost 0.8 million while we are taking less then one third of its total and offering new mode of advertisement that brings more attention of customer. For further details please visit our website,

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