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Happii serves as a think tank, targeting the major economic issues of Pakistan and providing the innovative solutions for it. According to a survey, 4 out of 10 people in Pakistan are under poverty line, living miserable lives. Our company’s top priority is to provide the hassle free solution to lower middle and middle class families and their problems. As a solution provider, Happii aims to provide different opportunities to earn income independently.
Pakistan really needs to work on its social and economical issues as these are the obstacles that aren’t letting it prosper. It isn’t just the role of government to cater this issue but the private sector too needs to focus on it. Working together is the ultimate solution. Companies like Happii whose agenda is to see prosperous Pakistan are working day and night to make things possible by providing different way outs. Happii works on diverse things to make a change. To start with, our company provides solution like online courses, e-shopping, website development, mobile development, advertisement and ride services solutions etc. They all target different social and economic issues.

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