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Trade and Innovation

Happii private limited knows the current states of global development and understands the worth of innovations. In order to meet with global challenges of the current period, we bring foreign direct investments and significant technological enhancements to Pakistan for the economic growth.

Innovation defined as to bring creativity or to introduce new source of growth and enhancements in the technological world. And trade is the parameter which helps in rotation of innovation among the business community and in the market.

How innovation expands through trade in developing countries like Pakistan?

Imports and FDI are the two main components of technology expansion & trade and the third one export is necessary to keep alive the innovation procedure. We can observe that how imports play their part when domestic business needed to any technical product, equipment for the production or services procedure of an innovative project. FDI’s are also encourage domestic firms to foreign affiliations or to bring positive technological enhancements in the country. Good export rate can increase the circulation of economy which helps out the country to become dependent and to showcase the country’s skills internationally.

To uplift the country and to help the government to invest on new projects trade plays a key role. As a Muslim country trade should be our business symbol and master plan to boost the economy while enriched agriculture resources are God gifted.

To help the Government, boost the trade in country and enjoy international trade benefits; we initiate the trade research to analyse the major economies, geographical regions of developed countries and then introducing technology.

Through our initial research we observe that we buy products and services from multiple countries but don’t force to expand the exports while we have enough resources to utilize and expand our exports. From 1957, till dated we never enjoy fruitful results of trade, below we take a short look of our trade status.


In Nov, 2018: 246015 PKR Million and increase in Dec, 2018: 287798 PKR Million which was recorded high for till now.


In Nov, 2018: 617646 PKR Million and decrease in Dec, 2018: 615030 PKR Million which was record high in June 2018:676992 PKR Million.

Trade Deficit:

In Dec, 2018: 327232 PKR Million deficit was recorded Balance of Trade in Pakistan averaged -39337.55 PKR Million from 1957 until 2018.

Recorded High was of 6457 PKR Million in June, 2003 & Recorded low of -452668 PKR Million in June 2018.

This is quite alarming situation country like Pakistan who is enrich in its natural resources and one of the largest agricultural goods producer. Pakistan’s export should rise just because of fruits, wheat, and cotton and dairy products because these are the items which always have a huge demand. On the other hand we have ruin our biggest textile industries, our support and leather industries are stand on risks too.

Well there is some positive change has been shown in trade after the elections 2018 and new ruling Government but not what Pakistan actually needed, it needs time, correct policies and loyalty.

There are number of different reasons of the trade deficit like, less R&D centres, less networking , foreign policies, tariff policy, continuous devaluation of rupee, platform for manufacturers, check and balance our private and public sector, weak contract enforcements, poor technical enhancements, quality and rates of products, exporters non serious behaviour, and much more.

As per common research we can say that there are masterminds who are handling the export department, some don’t pay taxes, some don’t care about quality of product and some send the products on cheaper rates without concerning about the country’s image and economy, this black-marketing is continued from decades.

What Happii Planned now??

Our main agenda is to increase exports rate as it plays a major role in Economy and bring foreign direct investments to Pakistan.

Focused to establish the good image in international market by sustaining the quality of our current and upcoming services running there.

Provide Freight & logistic services at low cost,
B2B services through shared economy plan,
Proper quality check our exports especially,
Sessions and trainings on supply chain management,
We are open to train new entrepreneurs which can give new avenue to the growth of export,
Tighten up the space for illegal exporters & importers and around those thief breakers who export the product without taxes,
We have the same agenda as our government administration & leaders have to see a “Developed and Prosper Pakistan”. So we have start working on different plans and ideas after a research of at least two years to bring new & emerging innovation in Pakistan and to get the positive trade margin along with many other purposes.

Trade & Innovation

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